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Are you still undecided about hiring a senior placement advisor? Discover how working with Pinnacle Senior Placements in Kent, WA can benefit you and the elderly in your family. Click on each topic to listen to our podcasts.

Making the Call: Being Part of the Process

My job is to be a part of your process and give you the voice to choose.

Subtle Warning Signs to Watch For

What sort of things are warning signs?

Senior Advisor Follow-Ups

What happens after your loved ones have been placed in senior living environment?

Family Dynamics During the Holidays

Relationship With Placement Advisor, Part 1

When you are working with a professional, you need to be heard and valued, not put into a box. It’s also a relationship with the entire family. There are services to help you and walk alongside you. Have an advisor you feel from your gut has your best interests in mind.

Relationship With Placement Advisor, Part 2

Taking away the mystery, here’s what families can expect with an advisor. We start as an information post for our families, as an educator. Pinnacle Senior Placements doesn’t charge families for our services as advisors. I’m paid like a realtor. I work with every community of care in the state of Washington. I’m totally transparent, regardless of whether I have a contract with them or not, I work with them. My motivation is to take away some of the stress of making very big decisions for our loved ones.

The Resistant Parent

In Alzheimer’s, all stages of Dementia, conversation is based on the moment.

Communicating for Peace

One stumbling block for families is communicating with someone who has cognitive challenges. And they are different at different stages of the disease.

Advance Planning, Part 1

Gathering information – you never know when you’ll need it. Some families are really good about thinking about it: downsizing to a smaller home, no steps, putting in grab bars, a step-in shower. But there are other things to pay attention to, such as a throw rug.

Advance Planning, Part 2

If you’re in a situation where no one needs to make an urgent move, or even in-home care, but if you’re wondering if you’re on the right track and you give me a call, I or one of our advisors will come out to your home and have a conversation of getting to know you. The process is unique for everyone.

Funding Options: Aid and Attendance, Medicaid, Long-Term Care Insurance

So many options, and I am here to help guide you.

Stubborn Parents

What can we do when there are warning signs everywhere, but our parents are being stubborn?

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Statistics show that families stay in the land of denial until it’s too late. The financial factor is a huge part, but families are in an uproar at this time. We can’t emphasize enough that we have the kind of conversations with mom and our siblings of what could happen down the road. It’s a conversation that gets overlooked a look.

Funding Long-Term Care

Start the Conversation

How do you have that initial conversation with a loved one when it’s time to make a change, and the loved one isn’t necessarily open to the conversation?

Emergency Decisions

At the crossroads, what happens when there is a life change for a senior living one? What happens when there’s a crisis–for example, when your mom has a heart attack, or broken a hip, or had a bad case of pneumonia? Probably, 80% of the people I work with are in this situation. It’s rare that I get to go over options ahead of time. So don’t feel ill-prepared or like the Lone Ranger.


How do families navigate crossroads? There are always curve balls and we have to face a change. Daphne is a master of helping families navigate change. An often-asked question is, “When do we make a change?"

Type of Senior Living Options

There’s a perception that senior living is a “nursing home,” but that’s not the case. There’s an overview of the different types.

Having Fun During the Holidays

Holidays and Senior Loneliness